Space &&& volume

Hi Danny,

Thanks a lot for these videos! It was a pleasure to watch and I learned a lot.

I feel like there’s a real economy of elements in your productions. There’s usually only a couple of sounds playing at a time, and it feels like there’s careful attention paid to each sound and whether it needs to be there or not.

Personally, I find that I often pile on more sounds than necessary and then have to excavate my way out and mute 90% of it. I feel like there’s an anxious instinct to just add another layer, when really paying more attention to the sounds that are already there would be more effective.

I’m wondering if your process involves putting a lot on and then taking things away, or if you are consciously working to keep the elements minimal from the start of the production?

I also noticed some limiters on your busses - are you pushing into those when you produce? I sometimes find that my tendency to add elements is really just because I want it to be louder, so I’m curious as to how much you’re limiting/compressing your busses during production (even if you take it off for mixing).

Thanks a lot!