Spatial Mixing - Best way to balance L & R sound, like GTRS, or BGVs, etc

Sometimes when I am mixing my OCD kicks in when I feel that L & R sounds aren’t perfectly balanced. For instance, maybe the L guitar might sound a bit louder than the right, or vice versa. My annoying OCD kicks in and then I end up spending time and worrying about my L & R channels being unbalanced. I wouldn’t want the listener to be leaning more to the right or left. Usually I use headphones to try and get L & R balance right. Is there a trick, tips, or anything that any of you recommend to fix this? any tips to make L and R channels as balanced as possible? perhaps un-linked stereo compression? a certain plugin, etc? Thank you very much.

P.S. I know most of the time this doesn’t matter if it in the end it sounds good, but I do think about it.

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You hit it on that P.S.
I’m not bothered by L/R balance anomalies as long as It feels like each side got equal time by the end of the song or album.
Remember, everyone is different. If it bothers you, balance it how you want it to sound. That’s your unique vision.
RE unlinked stereo compression. Most of my stereo compressors are unlinked. I like the extra width that affords although my stereo buss is usually linked.



haha yeah, I know most of what we worry about in mixing doesn’t matter as long as it feels and sounds good, mostly feels good. But as nerdy ocd engineers I do stress about these things sometimes. We learn everything to then learn to un-learn!