Sub Frequencies in Headphones

How do you handle getting your sub-frequencies right while mixing in headphones, and does using closed-back make it easier for you? Everyone says use open-back headphones, but doesn’t the lack of pressurization kill the low end?


Hi Ray,

I spend a looooooot of time in headphones and this is a great question. The headphones I’ve been using for years are the Sony MDR-7506. They are closed-back and actually give me a really good picture of what’s happening down there. The Sonys have all kinds of other issues, especially in the mids (big wide dip around 400Hz), but I’m pretty used to them.

Lately though I’ve been getting used to some Audeze headphones that I love (and they definitely don’t have issues in the mids). To be honest I haven’t actually thought about the sub on those but I haven’t run into any issues.

Not everyone says to use open-back headphones. I certainly don’t, and I also don’t say not to use them. Anybody making decisions for other people and how they work shouldn’t. Whatever works for you to make mixes that sound the way you want and translate is exactly what you should be doing.