Vocal Processing

Hi Josh,
I admire your work. The vocals in your mix are always powerful and present without sounding harsh. Could you describe your approach to vocal processing?

What specifically do you pay attention to?

Thank you for your response.

Best regards

Hey Ivan.

Usually I start listening frequency wise - lightly taking out things to balance it overall until I’m happy with the results
If it needs it, adding some compression or multiband can help smoothen level or tonal inconsistencies

Then I re-adjust EQ more with more detail after listening to what pokes out or changes during compression. If needed, sometimes more compression can bring things to a more consistent area.

It’s very important to make sure the vocal is not being over processed, always avoiding the vocal sounding lispy, crushed, pumping, etc…

But all of this depends - If a vocal is recorded and mixed well already, it can be as simple blending into the mix with subtle compression and broad EQ to taste. Or nothing at all!


Thanks Josh

Best regards Ivan