Advice for 15 year old

Hi Randy, love all of the masters you have worked on

I’m 15 years old and I have been producing my own EDM music for a few years now, but I have started to really love mastering!

I have started to get fairly good sound from my masters and I am wondering if you have any advise for growing and making this into a job

I’m from Adelaide, Australia

any help is very much appreciated
Thanks, Sid :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Sid,

Thank you! I recommend starting with your friend’s circle and let them know you’ll master their records. That will eventually lead to a wider circle of people who trust you with their music as you grow in your skill. I’m a fan of mentorships since that’s the way I came up, so I recommend finding a ME near you, who will have you in as an intern, and hopefully an assistant eventually. Make it a discipline to listen to finished, already mastered records daily, in multiple listening environments to understand how the sound translates. This will help you to understand what ‘finished’ sounds like, and will be a mental target for when you’re taking a song from unmastered to mastered. Get a good, neutral pair of headphones (and speakers if possible) to use as an EQ reference. Take any kind of opportunity that allows you to use and train your ears, even if it’s not mastering (live sound, etc.). Hope this helps.

Best Regards,