Become an intern?

Hi Sylvia, I am 15 years old and write, produce, mix and master my own songs that I release under the name Doctor Oscillator.

I am starting to think about what I should do when I finish school. And I am leaning towards mixing and mastering, I am wondering if you think the best way to make this into a job is to become an intern at a studio?

In other words what did you do to make this a living?

Thanks for any help, Sid

Hi, Sid. I’ll write some my thoughts about it.

I’m convinced that intern/assistant job is useful in any profession. It teaches interpersonal relationships, discipline and first-hand knowledge. Also in big studios you can listen outboard gear and know their colour. Working as an intern brings new acquaintances, and possibly new clients. In Michael Brauer website you can find his advices about intern skills. Q&A — BrauerSound

I hope it helps.

Regards, Vlad.

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Thanks so much for the information and resource :grin:

Internships are great and specifically catered towards students of both high school and college. They are designed to complement existing coursework and can possibly give you college or high school credits. There are also opportunities where you can paid once you are of legal working age. Under 16 must get a work permit in certain states. Check your local laws for what you need. Another route you could consider would be Technical School. I am a graduate and no longer attending college, so an internship is not a good fit for me personally. However, Tech School allowed me to get paid apprentiship and membership in my local union, IATSE. Keep in mind these jobs are extremely physically demanding, high paying, jobs and may not be suitable for teens. Another great resource is your High School Guidance Councilor, they can help direct you to those opportunities.

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Hi Sidney!
Internships are great if you can get them. Move to where the studios are. If you live in L.A., Nashville, London or Muscle Shoals you’ll have more chances for internships. An internship is a good way to make connections, but not the only way. I met the Tool guys through working at a record store. Go where you can meet other musicians, especially musicians with money. Remember, face to face meetings are always more effective than emailing resumes or advertising yourself on social media. The road is long, Stay with Doctor Oscillator for now, but jump at any opportunity that comes your way.
As far as a good career decision, I suggest you get in on the ground floor with anything to do with AI generated music and how it can be implemented in songwriting and production. Stay up-to-date with new technology and be the go-to person for music tech. Build a laptop-based mobile recording rig and be the person who multi-tracks anywhere (you’ll need mics and interfaces). Get immersive software and start mixing Atmos in headphones. Offer up free mixing services starting NOW and solicit musicians for their song files. Offer to record shows for free. Build a discography with more than just your own music.
Also try to write music for other genres, other artists. If you have programming skills, you will be in demand. Especially if you have a handle on new tech and are easy to work with.
When I got serious about my career I moved to LA. I’ve worked on a wide variety of music genres and it has helped keep me from being pigeon-holed. I’ve had career success by sticking with it through thick-and-thin.
If you have a handle on music and recording software now at 15, then you can do anything you want. I can’t wait to see what you do!


Thank you so much, I really appreciate the tips you have given and it gives me a different perspective to what I have thought about! means a lot :blush: