How you got to where you are now

Hi Chris, I am wondering where you grew up, and if it was somewhere more ‘remote’ (not somewhere like LA), did you move out to somewhere like LA and would you recommend that? I live in Adelaide, Australia and don’t really know where to go becuase there are no studios here who have had ‘big artists’

I am asking this becuase I am 15 years old and produce music under the name Doctor Oscillator but I’m still making up my mind about what I want to do when I leave school, whether that be Mixing, Mastering, making a living off my music, or producing for others.

I also am wondering how many dB’s of gain reduction you use on your limiter and if you use 2 limiters (one for the bulk of the gain reduction then one to get a little more level)

Any knowledge you could give would be appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks, Sid