My Eyes Part I vocals and general practice

Thanks for doing this Q&A, Tom, means the world to us aspiring mixers.

I’m very curious as to what formant shifting plugins were used on Travis’ vocals on the first half of my eyes. My first guess was just Auto Tune but I could be wrong there.

Also what would you recommend to young engineers who want to really internalize general practice and intuition when it comes to mixing various genres?

Thanks again!

with travs vocals radically differing auto tune settings from line to line sometimes…these decisions were made prior to my involvement.
the second question is interesting because i find hip hop and electronic mixing in the box a better fit but anything acoustic based i like to go hybrid and use analogue comps/EQ and my mix bus chain which has been curvebender into manley vari mu into crane song A to D
i like all kinds of music so this influences me greatly when im working
when i listen to a song im being asked to mix for the first time i am immediately making sonic connections in my head to other music for inspiration…so i might want the strings to sound like a serge leone movie with the vocal sound of fiona apple and the drums like a zeppelin track
contrast is king

all the best


Thanks so much! This is massively helpful