Whose work do you admire?

I hope this isn’t an inappropriate question, since you all are the best of the best, but I’m curious to know whether there are engineers or producers that you admire, and why. Thanks

Too many producers and engineers to list and it changes depending on the day asked although one album often comes to mind when someone does ask and that’s Missy Elliott; Supa Dupa Fly.
I hear this album and it sounds absolutely transparent to me. Not in the engineering/sonic sense but in the collaboration of artist, producer and engineer. It so completely draws me in and through the music. A kind of aural perfect universe.
I admire this work as an album and the people who created it.



That’s a really cool answer. It would not have occurred to me to evaluate a recording from the perspective of seamless collaboration between the artist, engineer and producer. Thanks so much for doing this, Tchad. You’re clearly putting a lot of work into it for the benefit of all of us.