Work on an album "Set it off"

Hello Teezio, I’m a big fan of your sound and what you do, thank you for sharing your knowledge, showing your work flow, and being ready to answer questions. I listened to the “set it off” album a lot. I’m especially interested in working with low-end, did you use similar bass processing as you showed? how to sidechain kick and bass? For example, the track “SAY MY GRACE” sounds very wide in stereo and very massive, is this the result of analog mastering? Does offset have a favorite chain for vocals, what color equalizer/compressor is most often used in his songs? Sorry for so many questions, this is just an opportunity for me, thank you

i dont use kick and bass sidechain too much it would need to be a really bad combo for me to need to. i eq them and compress them in a way that will make them work. say my grace just had an excellent bass sound that we were able to just improve on. moral of the story if you work with well put together productions you wont need to do much

thank you for your reply. how about your favorite compressor and EQ on vocals in offset? is it something different every time?