Avalon 737 in your chain

How do you like to use the avalon 737 in your chain.

Hi, Jason - I’m a blind user of Pro Tools and do a lot of mixing. Love and appreciate your work so much! I was wondering - since I can’t visually see a lot of the finer carving you’re doing, are there certain frequencies in pop/hip-hop vocals you find you’re always taming or accentuating? (i.e. I remember years ago Pensado made a joke about the “Jason Joshua frequency” in vocals…) Really helped when you mentioned hat and vocal competing at 11k for example, or giving more 8-10k to lead vocal and giving more 4-5k to BGV’s.

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Im a big fan of using it on vocals. The High shelf EQ is extremely musical, i like to use that sometimes to add air

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Thanks very much I have been using the high shelf a lot and i see you used it on muni longs vocals so that made me buy it immediately.