Does Location Matter?

I am currently working in a non-music city as a recording, mixing, and mastering at a studio, but I have had thoughts about moving to other parts of the US to expand my knowledge and clientele. Is there value in moving to a more music-based city? Any opinions, comments, and feedback would be great. Thank you!


Re: non-music city.
(this is just my two cents)
Living in a “non-music city” does have its drawbacks for sure. However, I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t add that coming from a “music city” - and then moving to a non-music city certainly has its benefits. The only cautionary advise I would give is - I wouldn’t move to the “music city” to “make it”. I would move to the “music city” to make connections any way I could, but stay authentic. People in the industry can smell ulterior motives a mile away. Also just do what feels right - if you moved to LA for example, and had a bunch of experiences over the course of 5 to 10 years or something. You come back / or go somewhere else and put those experiences to good use … Then you’ve won the experience lottery (“experience” doesn’t mean money in this context though). Also don’t get stuck in one school of thought. Try a bunch of different things - the worst that could happen is that you gain knowledge, and experience and maybe some wisdom along the way.
Everyone is different though. It all depends on what you want / can do.


Good evening, Mark.

I live in Atlanta, and everyone around is a musician, artist, producer. Having so many people doing the same thing is extremely monotonous and the conversations get stale really quickly. Looking for genuine connections with the right people looking to do what you do is my advice. Define the why of your move and stick to your guns if you decide to make that move. Musical cities are more expensive and more saturated. We have well over 300 recording studios in Atlanta. Sure you could get a job, but you wouldn’t be paid well enough to maintain your livelihood without having a secondary career. Those types of things distract you from your why and when you become so focused on making money, it becomes harder for the main thing to stay the main thing.

There are also opportunities that may arise from being in the right place at the right time in the musical city. There are more high profile people that maneuveur in these cities, so being where you could connect with them is more likely. Also, more musical events take place in those types of cities which bring out the whose who of the business.

I hope this helps.